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Here are some more Kool places the 'Katz like to hang out.

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The Indie Bible really helped me out. It has the listings of almost all the resources an Independent artist would ever need from booking festivals to getting airplay for your CD. I highly recommend the Indie Bible!

Christopher Leigh



The next link belongs to Christopher Leigh's birthday brother, Chris Brantley.
They booth share the same birthday, they booth play guitar, and they are booth named Chris. Whoa! Where is Rod Serling when you need him?
You can find booth of them jamming together at many Detroit area jam sessions, theres a rumor that they may even record a CD together. Who knows? Anyway, want to find out more about another great Detroit guitar player? Check out his site below:


If you haven't seen Josh yet then all I have to say is What Are You Waiting For? And all of you who have you know what I'm talking about. One of the best that the Motor City has to offer. When I'm not playing I go see Josh.
Christopher Leigh


This internet radio station is playing cuts from Christopher Leigh & the Boogie Chillens CD intitled I Don't Know.



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